inchiostro alimentare Canon magenta 100ml Lesepidado

Magenta food ink 100 ml for Canon printers

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Food grade ink in 100 ml format, suitable for Canon-type printers. Product for the decoration of food, using thermal ink-jet technology. Azoic food ink (except for the cyan color, azofree) to make prints on edible products intended for the decoration of cakes, biscuits, food sheets, candies, dragees, sugar-based products, macarons, chocolate.

WARNINGS: Do not ingest it as it is. The color of the product may present slight variations due to the characteristics of the raw materials used.

INGREDIANTS: Water, Humectant: E422, Colorant: E122, Acidifier: E330, Preservative E202.

STORAGE: Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50 ° C.
Store and use between 18-25 ° C.

ALLERGENS: It may contain milk, sulphites and soy.